Event FAQs

This page is provided to answer your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and to provide some general rules of etiquette for our events.

Event Etiquette (Please read)

Recurring Events (grouped by Day of Week)

Poly Game Night: Reloaded (Second Monday of each month)

Book Swap: Poly Book Club (Fourth Tuesday of each month)

Sarasota Poly Discussion Group (Second Thursday of each month)
Haven Social Group (Every Thursday excluding holidays)

Madam Lucky’s Friday Play Party (First Friday of each month)
Performance Anxiety (Last Friday of each month)

An Afternoon of Games (with a side of Social Circle) (First Saturday of each month)
Madam Lucky’s Saturday Play Party (Third Saturday of each month)

PolyBuddy Discussion Group (First Sunday of each month)
PolyTampa Discussion Meeting (Third Sunday of each month)


Event Etiquette
(lovingly borrowed from another group and adapted accordingly)

Every event is, at its core, a social gathering of non-judgmental adults.

Unless otherwise specified, this is an adults-only event.  You must be at least 18 to attend and at least 21 to drink alcohol (if applicable to this event).  Some events are family-friendly and will be noted as such in the event announcement.

There are no cliques here. Please feel free to look for the badge of the event host and say hi if we do not do so when you first arrive. It is never our intention to leave anyone out. Those of us that aren’t new to our area and the event may sit next to each other and talk, but please sit in our designated area and participate in what is happening. Feel free to get up and move around and/or change seats if you like (unless instructed not to do so).

There is a mix of age, experience and gender that attend. Questions and conversations are encouraged. Those new to polyamory may have a lot of questions and we will certainly try our best to answer them based on what we’ve learned and how we’ve lived, but as it goes with all aspects of Life, your mileage may vary.

What happens at the event stays at the event. Not everyone who attends will have their real name on their name tags; it will likely be the name they prefer to go by. Please respect their privacy. Do not approach anyone that has attended the event in public afterwards — especially if they are with their families — unless you have made arrangements ahead of time.

Please try to keep political and religious topics out of your conversations (unless the event is geared toward those topics specifically). We respect each other’s viewpoints and causes, but want to keep the atmosphere comfortable and friendly for all. The preference would be to keep the talk focused on relationships, dynamics, challenges — anything related to polyamory — but discussion does not have to be limited to that.

This is not a singles / dating event (unless the event is specifically set up to be one).  If you are attending with the hopes of hooking up with someone, you’re likely going to be disappointed as many who attend are already in established relationships and may not be looking to add to them.  Friendly flirting is fine, but please keep to your best behavior.

Impairment is not an excuse for consent violations.  “No Means No” is generally everyone’s Rule #1.  Ask permission to do something before actually doing it.  Not everyone shares your same comfort level.  Being impaired does not give you an excuse for violating someone’s consent and you may find yourself removed from the event (and future events) should it happen.

If you are reluctant to attend on your own, are an introvert, shy or new to our group, please message the event host(s) and we can make arrangements to help you feel at ease in your surroundings.

>>> A Word About Headcount

Sometimes a preliminary headcount is announced in each online platform where RSVPs can be made.  These should not be considered “final”, as people can RSVP up until start time.  And like any event, there are a number of factors that make it difficult to predict the actual number of people attending, including:

* Those RSVP as “going” but do not show

* Those who RSVP with an incorrect number of “plus X” attendees

* Those who RSVP as “going” in more than one place where this event is announced

* Those who cannot/will not RSVP for whatever reason (but show up)

* Meetup not allowing a “maybe” response for RSVP purposes

* Last-minute decisions by those who decide to attend outside the RSVP window

* Those who change their RSVP decision after the preliminary headcount is posted

* Sites that allow announcing of an event but do not have a place to RSVP to it

* Other scenarios that haven’t been thought of yet

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An Afternoon of Games (With A Side of Social Circle)

What is it?
This is a monthly gaming event for those interested in playing card games, dice games, and board games.  Those who attend often bring a mix of different games to play and we encourage attendees to learn a new game each time they go!

What does it cost?
$3.00 covers your admission to the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club.  If you plan on staying past this event, please let the staff know when you arrive and your admission for this event will be waived as part of your entry fee for the party afterward!

Who is this event geared for?
This event is for anyone who likes to play games.  If you’re not a game player, that’s okay; we will also have a social circle set up for Poly Talk and other discussion.

Will food be served?
We ask that you a bring a potluck to share with those in attendance.  Soda, Water, and Coffee are provided at no cost by the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club.

How is parking for this event?
Generally plentiful, and also the best opportunity for a great spot if you plan on staying after the event is over!

Can I smoke there?
Smoking is not permitted inside, but you can smoke outside.  Vaping/e-cigs are permitted inside but please be respectful if asked to move to a different area .

What is the dress code for this event?
Vanilla Casual / Street Legal when entering or exiting the club…but once inside, feel free to dress (or undress) however you’d like!  (Towels are provided for you to sit on if you have the urge to disrobe)

How long have you been doing this?
This event originally started off as the PolyPinellas Discussion Group in August 2015, then evolved into a monthly gaming event about a year later, and then incorporated a small social circle about a year after that.

What if I can’t make it to this event?
This event repeats on the first Saturday of each month, so we’ll look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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Performance Anxiety with Jacke Jams

What is it?
Performance Anxiety with Jacke Jams is a monthly karaoke gathering coordinated by PolySocial.  The Red Tiki Bar holds Karaoke by Jacke Jams every Friday from 8:00PM-12:00AM; we just congregate once a month to mingle and occasionally grab the mic and belt out a tune!  You are certainly welcome to attend karaoke every week if you so desire!

What does it cost?
It is free to attend, but being that it is held in a bar, you are responsible for paying for whatever drinks you purchase. You should also consider bringing cash to tip the KJ and the hardworking bartenders!

Who is this event geared for?
Anyone who likes to get their sing on!  Since this venue serves alcohol, this is an adults-only 21-and-up event.  But this is not closed to the public: There are people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations in attendance, including those not part of our group.

Will food be served or can it be ordered?
Food is occasionally served here but we do not believe it is served on Friday nights.

How is parking for this event?
Parking is free and generally good.  There are a few spots in front of the building and plenty of parking in the back.

Can I smoke there?
Smoking is not permitted inside, but there are designated smoking areas outside. Please ask the bartenders about vaping/e-cigs,

What is the dress code for this event?
It is a venue open to the public, so “vanilla casual” is your safest bet. Keep in mind that since the establishment is open to the public, you may want to refrain from dressing in anything you would not want to be seen in by the public.

I hear something about video recordings…what’s up with that?
We recently announced that we do video recordings for those who wish to have them done and give us their express consent to do it. We don’t charge for them; we only ask permission to post them on our YouTube channel. It’s really a win-win for those who want to have it done, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable with having it done. See Vaughn if you would like more information!

How long have you been doing this?
Our first karaoke gathering took place in May 2015. Over time the name “Performance Anxiety” and the consistent date of the month (final Wednesday) evolved from it. Except for one month (and times when a contest being held there conflicted with our event), we have regularly met at the same location.  We took a break in mid 2017 and started back up in November of that year at a new venue!

This doesn’t look like a typical karaoke setup…
It’s not!  Jacke has over 200,000 songs in her digital library and the number keeps growing…no printed list needed! Just go on up to her and let her know what song you want to sing…chances are REALLY good she’ll have it…but, there have been a few times she didn’t have one. Feel free to contact her on Facebook if you’d like to know if she has a particular song. Mention that you are going to Performance Anxiety, but giver her at least three days before the event takes place to give her a chance to find what you need! She works hard for us, so don’t forget to show your appreciation! 😉

What if I can’t make it to this event?
We’ll be sad, but try to come again next month! We gather there on the last Friday of each month, but you are welcome to come out any Friday for Jacke Jams karaoke. Sometimes there will be an impromptu gathering announced and you are welcome to come out to those too!

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What was it?
Polymunchery was a monthly “getting to know you as a person” event for PolySocial. Due to changes in the host’s work schedule, this event had to be discontinued.

However…there are rumblings that this event will be coming back in a different form in 2018…

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