About Us

Founded in 2014, our goal was to unite people who make ethical choices concerning non-monogamy. Today our mission is still on course. But who are we exactly?

We are a collaborative group.

Each member of PolySocial is partially responsible for the success and growth of the group. This is done through hosting and supporting events where polyamorists can connect with one another! We have a Meetup group showing a detailed calendar of events and a presence on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with more planned for the future! The journey toward these connections with us begins with a visit to our website, and you’ve made that first step!

We are people who exist on varying parts of the non-monogamy spectrum.

We have members who identify with polyamory…swinging…relationship anarchy…and you’d be surprised to find people in two dynamics who do it exactly the same way.

We have open relationships…closed ones…huge networks…friends with benefits…play partners…long-term and short-term relationships…and even people still trying to figure things out.

We believe in making ethical choices when it comes to non-monogamy and we believe in autonomy. We have explored our hopes…our dreams…our fears…and our desires, and have chosen to live our lives authentically and with a passion for what is right for us.

We believe that each person has different needs and only they know what is best for them.

We are everyday people…just like you.

Contrary to how it is depicted in pop culture, there is no one “right” way to navigate through the non-monogamy waters. There are people in our group who are successful at it…there are people who make mistakes and try to learn from them…and there are people who are new to all of it and are just looking for guidance and advice. We wish to connect with other like-minded individuals in hopes that we help foster a sense of support and community. No matter which label you identify with, we hope you will find new friends. And while we recognize that the kink community overlaps a great deal with alternative lifestyles, we hope to offer a safe and comfortable space for everyone involved.

We are in various states of connections.

This is a social group focused on networking, friendships, and developing relationships. Those who attend our events are, typically, already in existing relationships. Some may be looking to expand their dynamics and some may be “single and looking”; however, this isn’t a hookup group. Those new to the group are likely to be disappointed if they are specifically looking for sex or a romantic partner.

We are respectful of each person’s need for privacy.

By joining our Meetup group, you end up giving up a little bit of anonymity in exchange for the ability to reach out to you, but we do not sell nor otherwise misuse your information. During registration, you don’t have to provide your real picture, but we do ask that you have some form of avatar on your profile. And you don’t have to provide your real name…just whatever name you wish to be known as!

We are INTROVERTS. (Well, some of us are, anyway)

We have people from all walks of life, and we know how hard it is to stick your neck out when you’re new to a group. But rest assured that many in the group are also shy, and were once nervous about coming to an event the first time – just like you. It is our hope that you will reach out to one of us if you wish to attend an event but are feeling nervous or anxious about doing so. Heck, most of the time, we’re nervous, too!

Above all else…It is your responsibility to respect your fellow human.

A good way to be removed the group and no longer be welcomed would be to violate/disrespect another member’s boundaries. Another good way would be to violate their need for privacy. Yet another good way would be to make people feel uncomfortable through inappropriate advances. One surefire way to help you avoid this would be to refrain from private-messaging our members until you obtain their consent after meeting them in person first. (Those who ignore this request should be reported to polysocialgroup@gmail.com)